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August 2020

There are now 4 vehicles going through their Desert Dune Offroad builds.  Additionally we are currently doing restoration / rebuilds on 8 land cruisers.  We have an incredibly restored LX450 that has been painted in our signature Desert Dune.  With a minimal build, low miles, and a gorgeous look, this vehicle won’t last long once it’s listed for sale.  We also have a few 1997 Land Cruisers, some great 100 Series cruisers, and a stunning 200 series.  Also, we have our Georgia Overland Trek coming up in Soon.  Any questions, please contact us at


1996 Desert Dune Offroad Exclusive

1996 Desert Dune Offroad


2004 Toyota Land Cruiser | Refurbished | Built | Ready for your journey

2004 100 Series Land Cruiser

Beautiful Desert Dune 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series.Refurbished, all maintenance, lift & more.


1997 Lexus LX450 (miss Sara)

SOLD $33,500

Beautiful 1997 Lexus LX450.Ready for you to be the boss!We call her Miss Sara.She’s only 22 years old, barely 138K miles, young, original, untouched. Never taken off roading, not sure if she’s even experienced mud yet. Perhaps just a puddle.She’s drives great.