North Georgia Mountains Overland Trek

Customized overland experiences for the decadent American.

Georgia Mountains 5 day trek – Next trek is now scheduled for 10/14/2022

Georgia Overland Trek

Having planned for your adventure over the last month or more you everything will be ready and in place for you to begin making memories.We’ll meet at the Rusty Bike in Clayton, Georgia.We’ll get a good bite to eat at and enjoy the conversations of the local folk.While we’re there the adventure team will finalize their preparations and set out ahead of us to prepare camp.

We’ll begin out trek by heading over to Warwoman creek.We’ll be offroad within 10 minutes and enjoying the capabilities of the vehicle.We’ll be in constant contact with you via radio to answer questions along the way.

As we drive through the forest you’ll take in the scenery, the smell of the hardwood trees and hopefully see some of the deer in the area.We’ll arrive rather suddenly at our first river crossing.As they say, go big or go home.Your cruiser will handle the river crossing without issue, but you’ll be on edge, white knuckles, and smiling.Depending on what we’ve planned and the river levels, we may stop midstream on a small island to get our feet wet in the beautiful clear water.You’ll have the opportunity to take some beautiful pictures and we’ll take a few too.

Now that we have forded the river, we’ll continue our journey out to the Chattooga river where we will stop for a quick snack and really enjoy the scenery.Depending on the time of year you may have the opportunity to see the reflections of the leaves in fall.Depending on what we have arranged, you may choose to do some fishing throughout the trip.This will provide you the first opportunity and one that you won’t want to miss.We’ll put in you in the right spot where you can enjoy fishing by yourself, or with your family.Either way, the fish are there, the rest is up to you.

We’ll leave the beauty of the Chattooga behind as we head back through the woods, ford the river, and get back to the highway.We’ll only be on the blacktop for a few minutes and then we’ll be headed north into the wilderness.Leave the cell phone behind, there is no reception anywhere up here.You’ll get the opportunity to realize the power, and abilities of your land cruiser as we rapidly gain elevation through the deep forests.The clearings are abundant with wildlife and as we approach slowly you’ll have the opportunity to see deer, fox, groundhogs, chipmunks, and the occasional bear.The trail continues futher into the wilderness and up to some of the most beautiful vistas.Depending on the time of year you may have the opportunity to see the distant mountain ranges.Either way, it’s a beautiful ride.

The campsite is another few miles up a high narrow road where we’ll end up at a well outfitted campsite.The tent, beds, etc. are already setup and your bags await you.Look around for a few minutes before sitting down and enjoying a chef prepared meal.Dinner will last well into the evening and you’ll enjoy every last bite while wishing you could savor the flavors for longer.We’ll share the recipe.

Good morning Warwoman! Rise and shine.Enjoy the dawns early light and beautiful sunrise through the leaves, or sleep in.Either way, your five star breakfast awaits you.Enjoy breakfast and then we’ll get in the cruiser and make memories.The team will take care of everything at camp.We’ll continue through the wilderness enjoying the beautiful waterfalls, small water crossings and wildlife.Whenever you start getting hungry we’ll stop along the trail and get a nice hearty snack to keep us going for a few more hours.As night approaches we’ll pull into camp and enjoy another fine dinner.We’ll enjoy the warmth of the fire well into the night and turn in.

The trip continues for 2 more nights.We customize the remaining days & nights around how our attendees want to enjoy their time.

Guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget.

This overland trek begins at $7500 and includes everything except airfare.