Desert Dune Offroad Overland Treks

Customized overland experiences for the decadent American.

Georgia Mountains 5 day trek – Next trek is now scheduled for 10/13/2020

Georgia Overland Trek

Enjoy a 5 day and 4 night all inclusive overland trek through the mountains of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  We custom tailor this vacation to meet the desires of you and your family.  From amazing sunsets to zip-lining we include it all.  Chef prepared meals too!  We take care of everything for you. This overland trek begins at $7500 and includes everything except airfare. 

Colorado Mountains 7 day trek

Experience Colorado like you never imagined

California 7 day overland trek – Trek is now scheduled for April 10-17 2020.

This will likely be one of your most memorable trips ever.