Why Toyota Land Cruiser?

I grew up in the mountains of North Carolona.I remember growing up on a farm with all the animals and I remember our beautiful hillside with a view of the Tennessee mountains.The days of summer we would cut down trees so that they could start drying.Next thing you know it was October, the first frost arrives, and you’re thinking about firewood.My uncle came over with an international scout.I thought it was really cool.I liked it’s abilities to winch out a log from down the hill but I also remember how many times it wouldn’t start, or there was some other issue.Even at 12 years old, I remember thinking there must be better.

After joining the Navy I found myself over in Israel and I believe that’s where I saw my first Land Cruiser.I remember thinking wow, that’s an awesome vehicle.It said Toyota on it but I didn’t really know that it was a Land Cruiser until later in life.

Fast forward and I remember being in my early 30’s and seeing my brother and his 60 series.The white brick. An incredible vehicle, I knew that I wanted one.  A few years later I was sitting behind the wheel of a beautiful desert dune 1997 Land Cruiser. 

Unlike some other addictions where you can’t have more than one dose at a time, with Land Cruisers anything is possible.  There’s no limit.  Except financially.  The 2nd Land Cruiser came less than a year later.  Then the 3rd.  The 4th.  Ok, you see how it happens.  Logical steps in any addiction except there is no clinic for this one.  No cure. 

For me owning a cruiser, restoring cruisers, going on overland treks, it’s all part of an incredible life experience.  There are days like today when I’m on my way to drop off my son and after doing so I realize again that all I really want to do today is drive the Land Cruiser.  It doesn’t really matter where, I just want to be behind the wheel of my cruiser. 

Once you experience it, you become addicted.  You spend 5 days on a Georgia overland trek and the next thing you know you’re thinking that life won’t be lived to it’s fullest until you do the 7 day Colorado overland trek.  I get it.  It’s an addiction.  I’ve got it too.